Nov 14, 2019 · Using other media applications to play videos If you're using other media playing applications with Internet Explorer to play online videos, you may have to go to that manufacturer’s website and make sure that you have the latest version of that application and any necessary add-ons that are required for Internet Explorer 9.

I have an HP Envy with Windows 10 and as of last night I cannot get any videos to play. Whether it be a webcam video, Facebook video, Youtube, etc, they simply wont play, but my internet is working fine. Sep 03, 2018 · When trying to watch videos from different websites, many users have reported that Microsoft Edge won't play videos. Watch this video for a few quick and easy solutions. Some have such an issue when playing locally saved videos while others say that they encounter this trouble when watching streaming videos online on YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on. If your Android won't play videos, here are a few feasible solutions for you to drill down. Let's cut to chase and give it a try. New Windows 10 Upgrade won't play videos from youtube etc. Similar Threads. Spotify App on Windows Phone - does it work anymore. By vEEP pEEP in forum Windows 10 Why some videos won’t play on Chromebooks There are a number of possible reasons for these problems and they include: Chrome OS (the operating system on Chromebooks) lacks support for the video codec and/or audio codec inside your video file – see here for currently supported media file types and codecs Feb 23, 2018 · After that, install Chrome in Google Play. Workaround 5: Download Videos to Android/iPhone. If you still go nowhere to have the videos play again, you can save them in the local directory. Newest Chrome v55 is a boon for Android users, as it provides much convenience for you to save websites, video and audio.

Jan 29, 2017 · If the sites play videos then some of your extension might be the reason that the sites can’t play videos. In this case you can disable the installed extensions one by one to check which

Why won't videos play on my PC or Mac? If you’re still having issues, your security settings may be too high for our ads and videos to play. Please disable any Inspiron 7375 won't play video hi, my issue started a few months ago. It began with YouTube videos flickering green when my mouse left the video box, and then turned into online videos not showing any picture, but continuing to play audio. Oct 22, 2019 · Re: Online videos won't play in Fedora Firefox OK thanks, didn't know Flash was still needed, although it was working previously without Flash. Hopefully that is removed as a requirement in the near future.

Mar 23, 2014 · I have the same problem and I tried what you said and I didn't work . some online streaming servers wont load it just keep buffering .. this problem started 2 days ago as iv always been able to play the videos without any problem . I tried it in my iPhone and there is nothing wrong with the sites or the wifi .. only in my iPad Pro

Feb 07, 2020 · Videos that won't play, even though the YouTube site loads just fine, may be too large for your internet connection to stream. In other situations, a page may not load correctly, in which case refreshing will fix the problem. Some videos won't play on your new MacBook Air, and you're wondering how to fix this problem since you can't ditch those videos altogether. They could be in a format not supported by your PC. Some movies may not play anymore after Windows 10 upgrade or from SD card or your camera. For Windows, see Flash Player installation problems (Windows). For Mac OS, see Flash Player installation problems (Mac OS). If another player installed on your computer is set as the default player, information may not get to your Flash Player. Make Flash Player the default player and try to watch