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History of Freedom of the Press - How Freedom of the Press Freedom of speech is anything but a modern concept. For thousands of years, humans have wrestled with the idea of allowing other people to speak their minds as they wish. In 399 B.C.E., Socrates was put to death for daring to question Roman religious practices. Free Speech is Under Full Assault - American Thinker It is the freedom to use one's natural rights to engage in complex thought and speech. This is not a new concept. Freedom of speech has a history centuries old, long predating the founding of this Essay on Freedom of Speech for Children and Students Jan 04, 2018 In defense of the concept of "Freedom of Speech" : Anarchism

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Mar 14, 2015 Freedom of Expression in China: A Privilege, Not a Right Limited Freedom of Expression for China's "Free Speech Elite" Despite barriers to access to the means of publication and the dangers inherent in publishing political news and information, members of China's "free-speech elite" are able to express concerns and criticism regarding the government with less fear of punishment than the average The myth of the free speech crisis | World news | The Guardian