May 24, 2010 · Windows and in particular Windows 7 boasts a number of improvements in the user interface, one such improvement is the ability of the desktop to be un-cluttered by tidying up the icons. Sometimes though, this action may be performed accidentally by the user and result in the desktop icons appearing as being hidden, disappeared or missing.

Making Icon Overlays Appear In Windows 7 and Windows 10 I use a ton of file synchronization applications across my desktops and laptops. Sure, I could consolidate, but it’s not really practical for me to have a single app. I keep work data synchronized with one app, home data with another, media with a third, a freelance job data with a fourth, and so on. … Continue reading Making Icon Overlays Appear In Windows 7 and Windows 10 Program shortcut icons disappear - Windows 10 Forums Sep 19, 2018 [Fix] Volume Icon missing from Windows 10 and Windows 7

Fix Desktop Icons Missing or Disappeared in Windows

Fix Windows 7 Desktop Shortcuts Disappearing - gHacks Tech Mar 30, 2010 Windows 7 Desktop Icons Disappear??? Aug 31, 2012

1) Right-click on the desktop and select "Screen Resolution" 2) Under "Advanced Settings" select "Monitor" tab. In the colords drop down select a value other than what you have now (so if it is "True Color 32 bit" select "True Color 16 bit" and vice-versa). 3) Click "Ok" and and the icons should restore themselves.

Aug 31, 2012 System Icons disappearing in the Notification - Windows 8 There must be annoying times when you boot your Windows 7, you don’t see your system icons like volume, network, power, action centre, clock etc. in your notification area (system tray). Though you may get them back again by opening System Icons from the Control Panel and changing the behaviour to On.. But doing it everytime is a tedious task, so “Trishtech” suggests a registry hack. Problem with disappearing Taskbar icons in Windows 7