May 01, 2016 · If the users aren't smart, just block TCP and UDP on ports 6881-6889 and block DNS resolving of UDP:// addresses and that should stop of lot of the bittorrent project. That being said, tackling the users is far easier than trying to keep up on the software. It doesn't take much knowledge to make bittorrent or other P2P traffic nearly undetectable.

Cisco Meraki appliances and access points can be configured with Layer 7 firewall rules to block traffic by application or destination hostname. The MX can also perform "Content Filtering," which blocks access to websites based on their content. The MX can also redirect users to a "This website has been blocked by your network administrator Block P2P traffic on Cisco router » Cisco Consultant for / Block P2P traffic on Cisco router This short blog post shows you how to block peer to peer traffic on a cisco router. This example is based on a Cisco 1801 ADSL router but will work equally well on any device running the correct image. University of Missouri Blocks All P2P Traffic * TorrentFreak University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) decided that it was not important to make the distinction between good and bad P2P traffic, and blocked all P2P traffic going in and out of the campus network.

Block p2p traffic and file downloading introduction. Peer to peer traffic and file downloading will consume much of your bandwidth. In practice, many, often most, of the files shared on peer-to-peer networks are copies of copyrighted popular music and movies. Sharing of these copies among strangers is illegal in most jurisdictions.

Blocking P2P in Unifi USG : Ubiquiti

There is no fool-proof way to block all P2P traffic on a network with non-enterprise equipment, particularly brands like TPLINK. The problem with P2P programs is they can change the ports they use. Additionally, if your router supports uPNP (and most do), ports can be forwarded via upnp. Some p2p programs can randomise their port too.

Sep 17, 2014 Should you block P2P traffic? | Network World In the past two newsletters we've been discussing the FCC's ruling on Comcast selectively blocking certain applications - especially peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic - in its Internet service. This Peer to Peer (P2P) Blocking and Exclusions Explained